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How to produce a viral video

Viral video

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The beauty of mobile working

Mobile Working

Cloud computing can play a role in helping transform a business

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Considering reasonable adjustments in your workplace


Exploring the future: trends for 2016

The cloud is revolutionising the way we store and manage information, with 4/5 companies* now adopting some form of cloud service. In this blog post we take a look at Cloud Industry Forum’s trend predictions for 2016: Penetration of cloud services in existing cloud users will continue to increase, with 70% expected to have increased their usage over the […]

Is your e-commerce business growing as expected?

If not, it is time to invest in a good financial management system. Most companies, while setting up their e-commerce business spend a lot of money and resources to develop stylish web-shops by integrating best of breed ecommerce platforms with the latest technology. Whilst the look and feel of your web store is important, it […]

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Managing your business during the festive season: Five tips for success

Christmas is almost here. The season of good will is upon us, and that means parties, last-minute shopping, and the joyful aroma of mulled wine. Of course it’s also by far the busiest time of the year for retailers, and that means plenty of potential headaches. While the festive period represents a huge business opportunity, […]

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Boost your results using our productivity strategies

We know that entrepreneurs forego love, fun and family time to make their dream business ideas work. So we asked Sage Business Expert Frederique Murphy to tell us her best productivity strategies to help boost your results.The more productive you are, the better you perform and the better you achieve. Here are 5 productivity strategies that […]

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Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn. Confused about which to use?

Startup business owners are full of energy and enthusiasm. This is great, it keeps you motivated and helps you conquer any problems with ease. On the downside, you may find yourself spending too much time on the wrong things. For me, it was Facebook. My first business was a gift company. Instead of focusing on […]

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