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How to produce a viral video

Viral video

Successful strategy and tactics


The beauty of mobile working

Mobile Working

Cloud computing can play a role in helping transform a business

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Considering reasonable adjustments in your workplace


How do we really spend our time at work?

Modern technology has revolutionised the way we work. Smart phones mean we can talk with customers and colleagues, and email allow us to respond to customers, whatever the time of day. We’re connected 24/7 – wherever and whenever. It’s true that modern business is fast, but is it always efficient? In this infographic we examine […]
Top 10 ways the cloud can help your business

Top ten ways that businesses can benefit from the Cloud

Business is changing and more and more companies are seeking the freedom to enable staff to work away from the office. Cloud computing will allow you to access your company data and applications online, anywhere and anytime. Unlike traditional software, cloud software is designed to be easy to use and pay for. This means everyday […]
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Creating the perfect physical and virtual office

We asked Anil Stoker a UK based Sage Business Expert to advise us on what makes the perfect office space, physical and virtual and how you can satisfy your employees and yourself. The perfect formula for staff satisfaction, functionality, productivity and flexibility in the work space is like a holy grail for small businesses. Is working […]

Sage 200 gets a milestone re-design and brand new features

Efficiency is a vital part of business success, which means having clear insight into what is happening across a business, coordinating the whole company effectively and therefore making the best use of resources. This is where Resource Planning (ERP) solutions become important – and to address this, we have launched the next generation of our […]

Sage Customer wins Fuel Voucher

We ran a competition throughout the month of January where every small business customer who signed up for direct debit was entered into a draw to win a €300 Fuel voucher. Rothco based in Pembroke Row, Dublin 2 were the lucky winners when they purchased Micropay, payroll software on direct debit. Laura Elliot, Rothco with […]