Make 2013 Your Best Year Yet

By Owen Fitzpatrick

Make 2013 Your Best Year YetIt’s about this time that the January blues set in for most people. Back at work, funds at a yearly low after the Christmas experience, people everywhere find themselves struggling to motivate themselves to perform. For most, the promise of a brand new year offers them respite from the worries and concerns of their present circumstances and new years resolutions provide an encouraging distraction that gets us focused on something positive.

Of course, most know that these ‘resolutions’ are hardly going to last. Indeed, the likelihood is that they are going to be replicated next year at the exact same time for the same reasons… somewhere along the way we dropped the ball. Making 2013 your best year yet requires you doing just one thing differently than any year before. Just one thing. If you do it, you will reap the rewards. If you don’t, you won’t. It really is that simple.

I’m sure as you read this a voice inside your head is skeptically inviting my magical prescription for future success and happiness while preparing to discount such a simple ‘trick’ like so many gimmicks offered in articles written just like this one at this time of year.

But you see I know that what I’m about to remind you of is something that does make a difference. I’ve applied it in my own life and on my own business and seen it make a huge impact on my productivity, happiness and bottom line. I have worked with CEO’s and top Directors, Sales People and Human Resource Executives, those in Accounting and Marketing and with everyone who has applied it, the reports back have been outstanding.

So, what is my magical formula? Well it’s something you already know but probably don’t use enough. Simply put it can be described in two words: FOLLOW THROUGH. Now, what do I mean by follow through? Easy. I mean whatever you say you are going to do, follow through and do it. Start aligning the words you use and the actions you take.

Far too often we tell people we are going to do something and then we don’t. Far too often we promise we will have something done by a certain time and we don’t. We continuously talk a good game but don’t always follow through. When you start to take more care over what you say and you make sure that you do what you say, suddenly you start to impact yourself and others so much more.

Being a person of your word offers you incredible power. When you start honoring your commitments it builds massive credibility in you as a person at work. People are much more likely to be persuaded by you, because when you say something it happens. But you even believe in yourself more. When you follow through on what you say you are going to do, this not only increases your self-respect but simultaneously makes you a more disciplined person. Speaking about doing something makes it certain that it will be done. You become someone who gets results because you become a person of action. This helps you stand out in a world where there are plenty of talkers and not nearly as many walkers.

So, as you consider your new years resolutions, my advice would be to give yourself the best pre-solution to your challenges and that is get into a habit of following through. When you do so, magic happens and 2013 will suddenly become your best year yet.


About The AuthorOwen Fitzpatrick
Owen Fitzpatrick is a speaker, trainer, presenter and psychologist. He is regularly hired as key note speaker for talks on topics such as Stress Management, Time Management, Motivation, Communication, Leadership and Performance. He is also author of ‘Not Enough Hours’, a bestseller in the Irish Times Bookcharts and ‘NLP for Charisma’ available at present in the Italian Language. He is co-author of The Ultimate Introduction to NLP. Having also qualified as a Psychotherapist and Hypnotherapist at an extremely young age, Owen became the youngest Licensed Master Trainer of NLP of all time when he was 23. Owen is co-founder of the Irish Institute of NLP along with Brian Colbert. He has provided training and consulting to the following companies to name but a few: Pfizer, Abbott, Ogilvy, Sage, VHI, Roche, RTE and ECDL.You can find out more about Owen at


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  • Jason W. Womack, MEd, MA

    I simply LOVE your two words:


    Thanks for sharing this with us. Hope you’re off to an amazing year, and that it IS one of the best yet.