Mac Compatible Accounting Software

By Simon Bell, Product Manager at Sage

Mac Compatible Accounting Software

Sage 50 Accounts Hosted - Mac Compatible Accounting Software

In response to market demand and overwhelming interest we are now delighted to announce the launch of our market leading SME accounts software Sage 50 Accounts, as an online hosted solution – Sage 50 Accounts Hosted which is PC and Mac compatible.

For some business sectors Mac  has always made sense as the software that it offered was often deemed to be best in class for particular types of business requirement,s most specifically for design and creative industries where the tight integration of software features and the hardware capabilities made Mac the hardware of choice. However, Mac is becoming mainstream now. From a consumer perspective, Apple have produced a slew of beautiful new hardware devices in the last number of years with game changing software concepts that are infiltrating our daily lives on an ongoing basis.

Apple have effectively set the standard by which other hardware, and indeed software to some extent, is measured in the consumer space and by conquering this we are starting to see Apple appear increasingly in the professional space. In a recent meeting for example, I was struck that over half of those present had an iPhone as their phone for work and almost a quarter of those present were taking notes on their iPad.

So what is the downside for businesses? Well despite the great leaps in market share it would seem that there is still a way to go for Apple in attracting developers to port and develop specifically for the Mac OS for professional and enterprise software. This effectively means that while a lot of businesses might like to begin using Mac’s they effectively would not have access to the tools they need to run their business if they did so.

At Sage we have recognised that businesses need the diversity of hardware in order to conduct their day to day business and as such we have been working to provide our best in class business software solutions to this market.

In mid 2011 we began with the Micro Business and Startup market launching Sage One Accounts, a Software as a Service Accounts product aimed at helping owner manager’s get up and running with their business finances in an easily accessible and easy to use online environment. To date Sage One has been a huge hit with the startup and micro business community by offering them access to their accounts solution regardless of whether they have a desktop PC or the latest Mac Book Pro!

In response to market demand and overwhelming interest we are now delighted to announce the launch of our market leading SME accounts software Sage 50 Accounts as an online hosted solution – Sage 50 Accounts Hosted.

Sage 50 Accounts Hosted offers the market leading features and functionality of our Sage 50 Accounts product range in a secure and accessible hosted environment. For Mac users this is the first time that they will be able to access this market leading accounts product, no need to amend their operating systems, buy separate windows based hardware to run their accounts and indeed they can now work more closely with their accountants on the same software solution that their accountants use.

Sage 50 Accounts Hosted - Mac Compatible Accounting Software

As a Hosted solution Sage 50 Accounts offers Mac users the best of both worlds, the hardware they love with the market leading Accounting Software solution, no compromise! Sage 50 Accounts Hosted allows Mac users to change their processes not their hardware.

If you are interested in Sage 50 Accounts Hosted, call Sage today on 1890 88 20 40 to talk to our award winning business advice team and arrange a free 30 day trial.


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  • bouhedli mohamed nassim

    Thanks Sage UK & Ireland

  • Kenwick Butterfield

    Hi , I have a small carpentry business and looking for a easy acc software package.
    invoices, estimate , email invoices, purchases,cash receive and late payments

    • Beatrice Whelan

      Hi Kenwick,
      I would recommend that you take a look at Sage One Accounts. It is very easy to use and is only 12 euro a month, see Using Sage One Accounts you can easily create and email invoices, input cash received and track late payments etc.