10 Best Tweets from #WebSummit Day 2

Blog image - 10 Best Tweets from DAY 2

Today’s weather certainly didn’t dampen the spirits of the Web Summit attendees. The RDS was full of energy and packed to the rafters with tech businesses in all shapes and sizes. And in case you were not one of the thousands of web enthusiasts who attended today, we’ve collected the 10 best tweets from Day 2 of #Websummit for your sharing pleasure.

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Everyone wants a piece of #Websummit

Santiago Solanas lends a helping hand at #SageMentorHours #creativecommerce

The future looks bright #brilliantminds

Networking at #Websummit is mandatory

The world is changing quickly…

Cancel that one-way ticket to San Francisco stat!

A rare breed of Irish sheep…

Our Sage backpacks are moving quickly

#Websummit announces ‘commitment to change’ for #WomanInTech

Age is but a number Padraig

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