10 Best Tweets from #WebSummit today

Blog image - 10 Best Tweets from DAY 1In case you’re not one of the 40,000+ web enthusiasts who descended on Dublin’s RDS today, we’ve collected the 10 best tweets from Day 1 of #Websummit2015 for your sharing pleasure. Retweet, favorite, and follow @SageIreland and the hashtag #Websummit for all the latest updates.

We couldn’t have said it better ourselves Stephen #techunicorn

I think everyone could relate to this one this morning #trafficindublin

Absolutely all puns intended…

And a second one for good measure (short and effective…)

Who doesn’t love a good freebie?

#SageMentorHours starts the day with a bang

134 countries represented and growing

#Websummit attendees come in all shapes and sizes

Just because it’s a bear unicorn with wings

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