The 12 Tips Of Online Christmas Retailing

By Paul Donnelly, Digital Marketing Specialist at Sage

12 Tips Of Online Christmas RetailingIf you are an online retailer and are looking to maximise the natural lift in sales this Christmas, then you’re plans should be already under way. If you haven’t started and need some inspiration; here are 12 tips to help you get into the Christmas retail spirit:

1. Ensure timely delivery – highlight dates for Christmas delivery on the store. Can online customers arrange in-store pick up if necessary?

2. Offer discreet postage – ensure items will not have store branding when delivered so as not to raise little or big ones suspicions.

3. Offer gift wrapping and messaging – it’s convenient, personal and will add to your average order value.

4. Best foot forward – take this and last year’s most popular items and put them front and centre on your store homepage.

5. Thinking of advertising online? Experiment with highly targeted pay per click advertising on Google search. This can be very effective, controllable and low cost.

6. Upsell – gift buying can be stressful when you don’t know what to get a person. Help customers out by offering complimentary items or bundles, which will make a gift more complete.

7. Use images and video – if you don’t have images; head to Google. If you don’t have product videos; source them on YouTube and embed them in your product pages. Be resourceful but don’t compromise your brand or infringe copyright.

8. Offer peace of mind – make sure you returns policy is fair, legal and is easy to find and understand. There should be no question marks here for the customer.

9. Offer security – even if your site is secure, reiterate that where possible. A motivated customer will not convert on a site that does not offer them this confidence.

10. Prepare for the sales – have your store ready to turn around for the New Year. New imagery, new content.

11. Offer discounts to returning pre-Christmas customers in your confirmation emails.

12. Prepare for Cyber Monday – Cyber Monday is the Monday immediately following Black Friday, the Friday following Thanksgiving Day in the United States. Although Cyber Monday isn’t a commonly used term in Ireland, online retailers usually see their sales increase substantially on around this date. This year Cyber Monday falls on the 26 November 2012.