What Does 2013 Mean For You Professionally? For Me It Is The Celebration Of Ten Years In Sage

By Audrey Févry, Commercial Services Manager at Sage 

Audrey FevryWho would have thought when I started my employment here as a shy 22 year old that over the next ten years Sage would see me through the purchase of a house, two babies and three positions!

As a typical 22 year old, not really focusing on what the future held I certainly would not have envisaged sitting here today writing this blog post.


So what does being a Sage employee for 10 years look like?

When I joined Sage in 2003, my top objective as a French expat was to enter the Irish 10 Years In Sageworkforce and further develop my fluency of the English language. I think I have achieved that, as apart from the odd twang (especially after a trip back home) I usually get puzzled looks when mentioning my nationality. So did Sage help me fulfil my objective? It most certainly did; my initial position as a Customer Care Representative meant that I was interacting daily over the phone with Sage users based in Ireland, getting to grips (sometimes with difficulty) with the different accents and picking up some “Fr-irish” (French – Irish) twangs of my own and a cupla focal along the way.

From Customer Care Representative to Mother to Customer Care Team Leader

As the years passed, my focus changed and when I was given the opportunity to take on additional administrative tasks, I jumped at the chance. By the time I fell pregnant with my first child in late 2004, I was the main point of contact for the invoicing queries of our Business Partners’ Technical Support contracts.

On my return from maternity leave in late 2005, the position of Customer Care Team Leader was made available. While a complete change of pace and responsibilities and the added responsibility of a young baby at home, it was regardless a welcome progression for me within Sage. New to management, I was fully supported in this role by my colleagues and the Sage People Services team. Team objectives, team members’ performance reviews, analysis of stats, key performance indicators, renewal billing forecasts and management meetings were part and parcel of my new role along with the participation in a number of company projects.

From Customer Care Team Leader to mother of two to Commercial Services Manager

The amalgamation project of the Customer Care and Retention Team came about during my second pregnancy and by the time I came back from maternity leave in early 2008, these two functions fell under the Contract Management & Retention team. With two managers over a small team, it was time to move on and when the Commercial Services Manager position became available I jumped at the chance of trying something new. With a toddler, a young baby and a brand new position, I once again received the full support of my peers and the wider management team to be successful in my new role. This role is still the one I hold today. Strategic thinking, commercial offering, services partnerships, launches of new services and support offering; these are all part of my daily tasks along with business projects and interaction with the executive team.

So ten years, one house, two babies and three positions later would I recommend Sage as an employer; absolutely! I have thoroughly enjoyed the last ten years and cannot wait to see what other opportunities lie ahead of me in Sage.

So if 2013 means a career move for you, why not check out the Sage vacancies

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