5 surprising things we learnt at Web Summit on Day 1

Web Summit is one of the biggest technology and business events in the world, and the three day event kicked off today in the RDS in Dublin.

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Now that Day One of Web Summit is over, here are five surprising things we learnt yesterday.

1. The little things matter

On the opening talk of the day, Web Summit founder Paddy Cosgrave explained the through process behind everything this week’s attendees see and interact with.

Using the lanyards attendees receive as an example, Cosgrave described how his team tested multiple designs. Then, the Web Summit team decided on a lanyard of a certain length and picked a particular font to facilitate better interactions between attendees.

‘The signage across the venue has been meticulously thought about…the same approach permeates everything we do’, added Cosgrave.

2. Email is dead. Long live email.

The role of email came up in two separate talks at Web Summit.

This morning on the main stage, Slack boss Steward Butterfield gave a talk called The Email Killer. He explained why productivity apps like Slack are much better for many-to-man communications. However, he also admitted email will be like the cockroach of the internet, in that it will survive in one form or another.

Meanwhile on the Marketing Summit, Alex Bard, CEO of Campaign Monitor, made the case for email marketing as a powerful way for businesses to increase their return on investment in marketing.

He also said that businesses who take the time to personalise a subject line can increase open rates by as much as 27 percent.

3. You can’t be a tech unicorn if your business operates like a lame horse

Sage CEO Stephen Kelly spent the first day of Web Summit mentoring the owners and managers of growing businesses as part of Sage Mentor Hours.

This afternoon, Stephen also spoke at Enterprise Summit where he explained just what it takes to grow a business today.

He revealed that 70% of start-up entrepreneurs have dived into their life savings or re-mortgaged their homes to grow their business.

Then, he explained why Sage is the only partner that can support businesses who want to transform from a struggling start-up to a flying unicorn.

4. What it takes to succeed on the sports field translates to the boardroom

In one of the most popular talks of the day, Irish rugby player Jamie Heaslip explained how the mindset it takes to put his body on the line for 80 minutes a week helps him make smarter and more informed investment decisions in technology companies.

He added that rugby teams, like businesses, succeed when the people leading them assemble the best teams possible and constantly look for ways to get better.

5. Twitter is the Go-To social media network for Web Summit attendees

According to the Web Summit team, over 50,000 tweets were sent by attendees today.

You can keep up to date on what’s happening by using the hashtags #WebSummit and #SageMentorHours.

Web Summit attendees have also been keeping in contact with each other (and with the speakers) by using the official Web Summit app.

Here comes Night Summit

When Web Summit ends at five pm, there’s always Night Summit. It’s the perfect chance to see more of Dublin city and for after hours networking.

If this is your first time at Web Summit, check out our Web Summit survival guide and our list of 10 great things to do in Dublin.