Accelerate customer growth

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With business growth being top of mind for many Irish businesses, we’ve outlined some top tips to help your businesses achieve ambitious targets.


Accelerating your growth isn’t just about implementing the latest technology; it’s an entire business philosophy that can help you reach your business goals.

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1. Define Your Goals
You might want to generate an increase in conversion rates on prospects, or increase the effectiveness of marketing plans. Proper planning, measurement, and analysis are essential for achieving those outcomes. When defining your goals, remember to keep customers at the heart of everything you do and:

  • Identify the innovative products and services your customers need
  • Include alternate currency options
  • Define the current level of customer-centric operations you perform
  • Develop customer experience strategies that deliver positive outcomes

Facilitating acquisition, driving loyalty, and improving customer retention are all orchestrated by the level of importance you place on the customer experience.


  1. Measure effectiveness
    Measuring effectiveness means monitoring every activity involved in your business.

By defining your goals and creating non-financial KPIs (key performance indicators) you can accurately pinpoint the factors that are the most beneficial for your business. Proactive KPIs might include:

  • Individual sales staff performance: weekly, monthly, or quarterly
  • Monitoring initial inquiries: when they occurred, the point of origination, and follow-up steps taken
  • Individual customer satisfaction analysis on packaging, deliveries, etc.
  • Regional sales tracking and trends


  1. Integrate your customer data
    Although customer “satisfaction” levels are essentially subjective you can get an idea of your company’s performance. For instance, how quickly you can process a typical order, enquiry response times, and other buying trends are all very manageable with the proper system.

You can also swiftly evaluate alternative actions by integrating your customer data and KPIs into your ERP system through CRM (customer relationship management) software programmes.  Having real-time access to ordering history, current orders, preferences, and logistics information in a unified system effectively identifies the most important aspects and helps build essential relationships with your customers. When properly integrated, your team can closely monitor what needs to be done for each customer, exactly how it should be delivered, and precisely when.


  1. Use the right tools

By merging these powerful tools, you can give your sales staff instant access to crucial information, including:

  • Stock availability and inventory amounts
  • Real time cost assessments
  • Scheduling and logistics
  • Real-time access facilitates your sales and contract processes by making them faster and more accurate. The substantial cost savings produced by the implementation will transfer to every area of your business operation, whilst providing the tools you need to cultivate your customer base and solidify your customers’ loyalty.


Ensuring future business growth and continued success means understanding the drivers behind buying trends, having the ability to analyse data quickly, and being able to adjust your procedures according to that information.

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