Accounting Software, Choosing The Right One For Your Business

By Laura Birchall, Business Advice Team at Sage

Choosing The Right Accounting Software For Your Business

Accounting SoftwareEveryday new and established businesses look at their books and decide to get them under control. The simplest route is to buy an accounts and payroll package. When making this decision to invest in your business, focus on exactly what you need to have as opposed to what is nice to have. There are many software providers out there all too willing to take your cash when their products can’t manage basic accounting. As most business owners have never done this before,  what sort of questions should you be asking when looking at accounting software?

What is their current system not doing for you right now?
Ok so you have made the decision to get an accounts package – but you need to know what has led you to this point. Are VAT returns too complicated, financial reports are not detailed enough or maybe manual invoicing is taking far too long? These are all area’s that accounts software can make your life easier. When you call Sage, the first people you will speak to are the Business Advice Team. They offer free impartial advice on all products and  its this kind of information we want , so we can create a solution that’s right for your business.

How Is This Accounts Package Going To Benefit Your Business?
From a business perspective you want save time and money. Time spent creating Vat returns and posting invoices is always better spent creating more business and in turn profit. If you have to sit at a desk for 3 days to compile you VAT return every 2 months, you are wasting 18 days per year you could be spending on growing your business or as leisure time.

Even worse you could be paying someone to do this for you. With just a few clicks of a mouse your VAT return can be created, uploaded to ROS and paid through your bank account. The most basic packages from Sage can do this for you.

Is Sage The Right Fit For Your Business?
Our Goal here at Sage is to make Business better for our customers – a fairly strong statement considering the times we’re in. Some of our customers have been with us for over 15 years so we are doing something right. There are no sneaky charges with Sage. Our products won’t lock at 5000 transactions and we don’t charge relicensing fee’s.

Sage only deals with Irish accounts and payroll and with our support centre based here in Dublin you are guaranteed the best service with the most recent legislative information.

Remember though, making the decision is one thing – but you need to act on it. While you’re putting this off you really can’t be sure what’s happening in your business.