There’s An App For That – Sage 50 Mobile App

By Simon Bell, Product Manager at Sage

Sage 50 iPhone AppThere is no doubt about it wherever you look these days the Smartphone is everywhere – slowly but surely becoming the ubiquitous mobile device type across most sectors of society. Webpages are generally designed for consumption on a larger screen, with the best will in the world, mobile web browsing can be a tedious job of pinching and scrolling etc and this is where apps come to the fore.
Apps are designed to enable simple user interfaces to access data or information, many standard apps simply add a presentation layer to a website interface. This is not coincidence, have a look at the heritage of most app design firms and you will quickly discover that many are web developers that have found new life in the app space. The really great apps do more than provide a website repurposed however, they add real value, by leveraging device capabilities to provide a mobile intuitive user experience and more importantly they add value for the user.

At Sage we have a dedicated mobile team that understand this idea who have worked to produce great applications on different platforms to give our customers a means to harness the mobile opportunity to add flexibility to their working experience. The latest addition to our mobile app family is Sage 50 Mobile for iPad offering a tablet specific user interface that is simple and intuitive and complements perfectly our desktop software.

Sage 50 Mobile for iPad joins Sage 50 Mobile for iPhone, Sage 50 Mobile for Blackberry, Sage 200 for iPhone and Sage 200 for Blackberry as part of our mobile apps offering in the Irish market with many more to come over the coming months helping Sage to allow you to conduct your business with greater mobility than ever before.

Sage 50 iPad App

The Sage 50 mobile and iPad app offers existing Sage 50 users the opportunity to access and control their accounts remotely. Perfect for users that are constantly on the go, this app allows Sage 50 users to log in and complete tasks from the palm of their hand. The user interface is simple to use and intuitive. The app offers a Dashboard, P&L and Headline Reports ensuring that you are in the know with regards to the financial position of your company at all times.

Sage 50 App for Blackberry

You can also view transactions on customers, suppliers and bank accounts, price lists and product details all on the go from the app. In addition to this it is easy to create invoices, sales orders, quotations and customers records directly from the app itself. For a sales organisation with staff on the road this app provides an invaluable business tool so that the key information can be provided to the customer and also the sales data captured on the spot, meaning more time on the road and greater opportunity to close sales without time lost processing sales from an office running back for price lists etc. But the app is not just for sales professionals; for  professional services providers such as consultants, surveyors, vets and many others this app ensures that you have access to all the detail you need about your business whilst out of the office and also ensures that your accounts and invoicing are managed in realtime without the need to keep a manual log for later processing.

Sage 50 iPhone App  Sage 50 iPhone App

Download Sage 50 from the Apple app store for FREE or for Blackberry users download for free from Blackberry App World.

  • Nick

    So, this app for Iphone has been pulled!! 🙁 What the hell?

    • John Casey – Sage Ireland


      Yes, the Sage 50 Accounts Mobile was removed from app stores on 1 August 2014. The reason for this is that we’re launching a new range of apps,
      which will be the perfect companion to Sage 50 Accounts.

      These apps have been designed for busy people who demand data and insight on the go, with the comfort of knowing your Sage 50 Accounts information is held securely in the

      Sage Drive and Sage 50 mobile and tablet Apps will be available from December 8th 2014.

  • Hi, is there any indication of a release for Android? 

    with Android proving more popular and ahead of
    iPhone, also with the wider range of android tablets now available (which price-wise are much cheaper than iPad) it would be great to see it being made available as an Android app, thanks

    • beatricewhelan

      Hi Paul, we are currently investigating our opportunities in the Android space to build an application that not only caters for the wide variety of android devices but also provides the best in class software experience, will update you when this is available.