1st October, 2013 – iXBRL mandation commences


Pat Mulhall from Revenue’s iXBRL Business Team discusses the implications of the commencement of compulsory filing of iXBRL financial statements for Corporation Tax payers. This year, the 1st October is a red-letter day in the Corporation Tax calendar. Since November 2012, Corporation Tax filers have optionally been able to file iXBRL [1] financial statements. However, […]

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e-Day is here – Be prepared for business change with Sage


From September 19th 2014, all Central Government, local authorities and State agencies will no longer issue or accept cheque payments. If you are now in a position whereby, the payments to government and its agencies are currently made by cheque the implications are not only that this payment mechanic will be taken away but also the associated credit timelines that you had against these types of payments are also removed.

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