The Citywest Commuter Blog, Week 2

By Andrew Sanders, Finance Director at Sage

A mixed week in many ways. Two days to Citywest that were more unremarkable than expected (feared), although there was mixed weather (sun, showers and everything in between), but also mixed fortunes in terms of the LUAS (just caught a Saggart LUAS one morning and the next I just missed it). But nothing telling me that I had done the wrong thing. 
However. The journey to our offsite meeting in Carton House on Tuesday was memorable. Just missing a no. 66 bus to Maynooth is not recommended in the rain. Getting the next one half an hour later helped result in a nearly two hour journey – including the walk up from the Maynooth Road to the Hotel. I needed the exercise! But the bus journey involved a couple of hairy overtaking manoeuvres around a JCB, a council waste truck and a privately operated rubbish cart. But the journey wasn’t unpleasant and I’m mildly impressed by the cleanliness and speed – once you get on board.

The thing that has most enthralled me though is the Dublin Bus App. The RTPI (that’s “Real Time Passenger Information” to the uninitiated) is really excellent – although some of the links are a bit questionable in terms of landing, the app does what you would want it to do – by integration with Google Maps you can search by bus stop number, plan a route, tell when the next bus is going to be at the stop, and check the timetables. I downloaded the LUAS app as well, and first day I was unimpressed as there was a glitch but now we seem to be back on track (pardon the pun) – and good real time info it is as well, because there is a 2 minute walk from my desk to the LUAS stop so timing is all.

So far – so good. However no real bad weather yet, no disasters and getting into work (and home) at a very reasonable time. It’s keeping me focused on the clock in the morning which is no bad thing.
And the best thing….? After reading my first blog, one co-worker contacted HR saying that they were buying a monthly ticket and weren’t aware of the monthly saver scheme – and now they are. Makes my blog worthwhile – and made my day. I am sure it made his as well! Am I on commission here……?