Security In The Cloud: Keep It Safer With Sage software

By Brian McIntyre, Head of Research & Development, Sage Ireland

Cloud SecurityWe live in a hardware world. We like things we can see, touch and feel; we like what is concrete and obvious. That’s why when information moves beyond your firewall and into the cloud, it can seem like you’re offering it up to the great unknown; your precious knowledge and data is at the mercy of the ‘Gods’ of technology.

But of course, that’s not how it is. As the cloud has evolved into a space of startling capability and potential, security in the cloud has also adapted at a dizzying pace. This has not been a challenge for the faint-hearted; ‘new’ security has demanded thinking that is both novel and brilliant, and a breath taking level of technical wizardry to make the magic happen.

Sage entered cloud software in advance of many others, so we’ve had a priceless head start on security solutions. We decided to work with those who really know and choose our hosting partners carefully. For example, every component that makes up the Sage One infrastructure has multiple levels of redundancy built in. In non-tech speak, this means that should a component fail the load is instantly picked up by another component in the infrastructure – the service doesn’t miss a heartbeat. We have a whole team of experts dedicated to keeping the show on the road.

Sophisticated and flawless Sage cloud security means that your data stays safe in the cloud – yet it can be accessed in an instant, but only by you or your team. Rest assured, no one from Sage will view your data, unless you ask us to as part of a specific support request. Access anywhere does not mean access anywhere for everyone, only you can access your data.

We often get asked by customers, what about security? What about privacy? These are valid concerns especially considering the security breaches that have been a topic of conversation in the media. What is not discussed as often is the security breaks that happen in business every day to those not operating in the cloud. Every time a business owner leaves their laptop on a train with important business information on it, every time important files are destroyed accidentally in due to water damage or a hard drive failure. The reality is that had these files been on the cloud they would have been secure and backed up. The cloud actually provides an opportunity for security improvement rather than a security risk, that is if it is managed well by a trusted provider like Sage.