Emailing Employee Payslips – How The Little Things Make Big Savings

By Lorna Keogh, Manager of The Sage Business Advice Team

Online PayslipsIn Ireland, the Payment of Wages Act 1991 gives all employees a right to a pay slip which will show the gross wage and details of all deductions. You can however remain legislatively compliant and be cost effective and time efficient by emailing payslips instead of printing them.

If you are printing payslips one of your first concerns was probably around what you print them on. Some payroll products will support plain paper printing which is a cost saving as it removes the need to purchase payslips. However as this has only a basic layout it can result in receiving more payroll queries from employees and spending more time answering these. Plain paper printing also may have impact for employees because if they are applying for a loan from a bank for example, the bank will often request that any payslips are on official company stationery and not on plain paper.  With this in mind you will most likely purchase payslips to use when printing your payroll.

If you email your employees their payslips there is no cost involved in printing them. If they need them printed on official company stationery they can arrange this only when needed instead of it being the norm. If you use an online self-service payslip portal for your employees, like Sage PeopleLink, they can login themselves and access payslips that were issued to them months or even years ago and print them out if needed. No more queries to the payroll team looking for lost payslips as employees can login to PeopleLink and access their payslips themselves.

With payslips organised the next concern could well be security. If printing payslips, to ensure they are private and confidential you will need to use a security payslip which is sealed or to use non security payslips and manually place these into sealed envelopes. Employees who are on leave will need to wait until they return to receive their payslips and there could be security concerns around where their payslips are stored in the meantime.

This also brings us to the process of distributing payslips. You will have to decide if someone manually goes around handing out payslips, if these are handed out by managers or at a meeting or if employees should come to the payroll administrator to collect them.

Where employees are working offsite or from home you will need to cover the cost and admin of posting these payslips out. This may lead to a small time delay also between running the payroll and the employees receiving their payslip. If you are an accountant providing a payroll service to clients it is likely that all payslips will need to be posted out to the clients to distribute to their employees.

If you email the payslips instead, you can ensure that each payslip goes directly into the email inbox of each employee without it falling into the hands of anyone else and therefore respect the privacy of each employee. With Sage Micropay you can email payslips with PDF password protected attachments to all of your employees in just one click.

By emailing payslips you can save time and the cost of postage, stationery and administration. What’s more, security is no longer an issue as emailed payslips are far more secure that a payslip left on the desk of an employee. If you email payslips to employees, they can view them at any time and from any location.

Sign up for a free trial of Sage Micropay so you can automate your payslip processing and email them to your employees. To take a step further and provide an online self-service payslip portal for your employees where they can view current and historical payslips take a tour of Sage PeopleLink.

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