FREE Legislation Calendar

By Shauna Crawley, Marketing Specialist at Sage

Free Legislation CalendarAt Sage we know how important it is to keep up to date with revenue dates and legislation and compliance deadlines.

Ensure you are always fully prepared for all dates relating to revenue with our handy, easy to download FREE legislation calendar.

Our legislation calendar includes key dates for the following Revenue deadlines:

  • Income Tax Returns
  • Return of Trading Details (RTD) Form
  • Payment for Capital Gains Tax
  • P60 for 2011
  • PAYE/PRSI P35 for 2011
  • RCT 35
  • ROS Filing Date for P35

It also outlines monthly and bi-monthly deadlines including:

  • ROS Filing Date for P30 Monthly Return
  • PAYE/PRSI P30 Monthly Return
  • RCT 30 Monthly
  • Corporation Tax Monthly
  • VAT Bi-Monthly

The legislation calendar is available to download here.