How will you run your business differently in 2016?

Many of us have made New Year resolutions in our personal lives, but have you also considered how you’ll run your business differently in 2016? Here, our Sage Business Experts offer their top tips for getting 2016 off to a great start.

Expand your network

Joanne Dewberry, Charlie Moos

Developing business relationships isn’t about selling yourself to other businesses. It’s about building a base of people that you can turn to in your hour of need, to ask questions no matter how silly.

We all need a support network and businesses in a similar position to you are always the best place to start. Small businesses are also excellent recommenders – most of my customers come through my business support network.

MOT your website

Graham Soult, Canny Insights

As companies invest more time and energy in social media, it’s easy to forget that the traditional website is still crucial. It reassures customers you’re a proper business, and is often still the first place people look for details of what you do and how to get in touch.

Make sure that your content is up to date, interesting and useful: giving your customers the info they need, and conveying a positive and accurate impression of your brand.

Focus like a laser

Rachel Parkin, Retail Rehab

Figure out the one thing that you do or are about and make that your key message for the year! It will keep you on track and will help you to run your business more effectively, saying no to opportunities that might be interesting but in the end distract you from your goals.

Get on top of your bookkeeping

Mark Barrett, Cannon Moorcroft

Keep your bookkeeping up to date throughout the year. Good records give you good financial information allowing you to make good decisions. Bad decisions can kill your business overnight. If you’ve been using spread sheets for a while, is it time to think about using software? Even if you’re using software, does it give you what you need in terms of features, flexibility and ease of use?

Outsourcing Small Tasks

Caroline Baxter, Caroline-Baxter

I often find outsourcing a great way of freeing up my time and allowing me to take real control and focus on the revenue generating aspects of my businesses. If you’re struggling with the paperwork, consider hiring a virtual assistant. If you’re finding it difficult to create new marketing material, outsource the design! By doing this, you’ll find you have a lot more time on your hands for the important bit – getting new sales and reaching new customers.