Learn To Google Drive

By Paul McEvoy, the ‘Google Apps Guy’ with Baker Security & Networks

Google DriveDo you use Gmail or Google Apps for Business? If so, then you may have noticed that Documents is now called Drive. So what has changed? How does it work? Don’t panic just take your seat, buckle up and let’s go for a Google Drive.

Did You Get Fuel?
Before going for any drive the first thing you need to check is the Fuel Gauge. The last time I looked I was running on empty but I looked again I just got additional 4GB for free – Happy days. If needed I can fill the Google Drive tank up to an amazing 16TB – enough to take me around the world and back! It’s worth noting that Google Docs (Built into Google Drive) does not consume any of your storage space, so by creating all your Documents, Spreadsheets & Presentations in Google Docs you will never need to stop to fill up!

Everything & The Kitchen Sink
I am one of those guys that has to take all my stuff with me before I go for a drive – you just never know when you’ll need it. The problem is my files are everywhere, on my home computer, on my laptop, in the office, so I need to drive by and pick them all up. To do this I simply install Google Drive on these devices (PC & Mac) and ‘drag & drop’ my files (Photo’s, Videos, Microsoft Documents, PDF’s) into my Google Drive – That done I can now access all my stuff from any location and from any device. Tip – Drag and drop any docs you have on a USB thumb drive into Google Drive and put the USB thumb drive into the storage box with the cassette tapes & the fax machine.

Did You Pack The…
The problem with packing too much for your trip is that sometimes what you are looking for can be hard to find. With Google Drive you can quickly find any document by searching by keyword and filtering by file type, owner & more. Drive can even recognise text in scanned documents – so if you have a scanned newspaper clipping of you winning the First Prize at the Golf competition, you can search for the word Golf and instantly find the document.

Let ME See The Map
With Google Drive you can share your files with anyone and you can even look and edit the same document in real time. You can even add and reply to comments on any file type (PDF, image, document etc.).

If you are interesting in finding out more about Google Apps for business visit http://www.go-oodles.com/. Sage also have a range of software in the cloud that can help your business. If you want to know more about Sage Cloud visit sagecloud.ie.

Paul McEvoyAbout The Author – Paul McEvoy
With over 25 years experience in the IT industry Paul McEvoy has always been at the leading edge of new technology. Paul has been involved in a number of successful high-tech start-ups including one which introduced Citrix thin client technology to Ireland in 1992. In his current position as the ‘Google Apps Guy’ with Baker Security & Networks, Paul is focused 100% on The Cloud and on helping Irish companies take their first steps on this new journey. To contact Paul, please visit www.go-oodles.com. You can also find him on Google+, Twitter, Linkedin and Facebook