Managing Your Social Media While On Holiday

By Beatrice Whelan, Social Media & Content Specialist at Sage

Managing Your Social Media While On HolidayYou can’t take a holiday from social media, it is an always on job. For those using social media to market a business with a global audience, there is even more pressure to have round the clock activity on your social media channels. So what do you do when you need to take some time out, how do you manage your social media channels when that well deserved holiday comes up. Here are some tips that might be helpful;

Use Apps

Download the blog app on your phone or iPad and try using it a few weeks before you go. If you are taking a real holiday you shouldn’t need to update the blog while you are away but it might be useful to have the option just in case there is breaking news back at home that you should be writing about on your blog. For those attending the Social Media Awards on May 17th, check your goodie bag to see if you have won an iPad from Sage. More details available in this post about You Can’t Take A Holiday From Social Media.


Trust someone else to look after your social media channels while you are away but don’t throw them in at the deep end. Make sure they have all of the knowledge and experience that they need to manage your social media channels. It is a good idea to use a colleague or employee that is already working on your social media channels in some way. If they need extra training to do the job make sure they have completed this training well in advance of your holiday and let them try it out for a few days while you’re still around so they can ask you questions. If there is no one in your organisation that fits the bill, consider outsourcing the role to a social media agency but only choose one that you have worked with before and that you can trust. Ensure that they understand your social media policy to avoid any potential problems.

Prepare A Social Media And Content Plan

This is really important if you are expecting someone else to work on your social media channels while you are away. Prepare a plan that shows what content is to be shared via each of your social media channels for each day that you are on holidays. Then all they have to do is follow the plan.

Schedule Some Tweets

If you don’t already use Hootsuite to schedule tweets now is a great time. Be careful not to over do it, don’t schedule in more tweets than you would publish in the normal course of business. Don’t schedule Facebook page updates as they won’t have the same EdgeRank as updates posted manually to your Facebook page.

Schedule Blog Posts

Posting blog posts with regular frequency is really important to maintain your readership and blog traffic. The best way to maintain the momentum of your blog while on holidays is to have some posts prepared in advance and schedule them in for publication while you are away. WordPress allows you to schedule posts but you should test this feature in advance to make sure the scheduled posts feature is working on your blog.

The one thing that you can’t schedule is your reply to comments on the blog posts that are published while you are away. If you are only away from a week or two and usually answer comments regularly, a once off delay won’t cause a problem but you might want a colleague to keep an eye on blog comments while you are away in case the comments contain questions from customers that need to be answered straight away.

If you want to keep an eye on comments you can always set up your blog to email you when a comment is posted so you can have a quick check of the comment via your phone and decide if you need to answer or if it can wait until you get home.

Use Your Holiday To Create Great Social Media Content

If you have a lifestyle business then you can use your holiday to take great photos to share via your social media channels either during or holidays or when you return. Only upload photos that are really relevant and interesting to your audience. Be careful not to share photos that should only be for friends or family.

So what do you do with your social media when you go on holiday? Leave your comments below.