Why Mobility is a must have in ERP Solutions

With increasing pressure from overseas competitors, and many manufacturers handling distribution in house, mid-sized distributors need to streamline operations, boost productivity, reduce costs and make smarter decisions. Staying competitive in this environment is a matter of getting the right technological help.

Why mobilityWhile ERP technology addresses the challenges of streamlining business processes, management performance and providing real time visibility for decision making, only best in class ERP tools bring these capabilities to mobile devices. According to research from the Aberdeen Group, 58% of laggard organisations seek out modern ERP solutions because of the lack of features in their current solution – and mobile access is increasingly becoming one of the most important features to seek out.

Modern ERP solutions empower distributors with real time analytics, reports and customer information – which can all be accessed through smartphones and tablets.

Mobile access to an ERP solution can help distributors in three key areas that allow them to stay competitive: knowledgeable staff, being easy to do business with and improving business efficiency.

Mobile-enabled ERP helps staff stay knowledgeable

Distributors can compete successfully by emphasising their technical expertise and position as a customer advocate. By empowering their executives and employees with accurate, complete information they can give prompt, personalised service to customers. This attention to detail and focus on information can turn one-time customers into long-term customers.

Distributors can become easier to work with through mobile technology

With competition in this industry so fierce, it’s important for distributors to make the process as smooth as possible for customers. For example, with a mobile enabled ERP solution, sales people can access important information on the go – like stock availability – and then deliver that information to customers. Today’s solutions allow employees to use mobile devices to provide continuous real-time information, from shop floor to main office to eliminate inaccuracies.

Mobile access to the ERP solution can improve business efficiencies

With an ERP solution, the entire life cycle of transactions can be reduced with the streamlining benefits of mobile enabled ERP. Distributors can simplify the ordering process, update customer information and eliminate time consuming manual processes with ERP solutions. Combining these improved processes with mobile access makes distributors even more efficient.

Mobile executives and employees need access to business intelligence from their smartphones and tablets, and only best in class ERP solutions can do that. With mobile access to this information, employees can stay in the know, eliminate redundancy in their record keeping and improve overall business results.

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