Payroll Software Customers – Budget update for Tax year 2012

The Budget update for tax year 2012 will be released in the coming weeks so here are a few hints and tips to get you ready for it :-

  • Firstly make sure you have run your PYE update first and have an icon on your desktop for either ‘Quickpay 2012’ or ‘Micropay Pro 2012’.
    This is available through the auto updates on your payroll program & on the Sage website: –
  • Make sure that the budget update is run before you start processing on your 2012 payroll.
    If you do not run the update, the figures calculated will be incorrect.
    Please note, the budget update is only going to be available via download.

We are no longer distributing CDs in the post. You will receive an automatic notification on your payroll software when the Budget Update is available for installation.

Install the Budget 2012 Update file as soon as it is available. You will receive a ‘News Feed’ message in your payroll software letting you know when it is ready for download. Click on Help – Check for Updates. You do not have to wait until 2012 to install this update.

If you want to check for the budget update manually, go to the below web page and enter your Sage account number. : –

If you have any queries, please contact support on 1890882060 or [email protected]

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