Remember spreadsheets? Here are 12 surprising things you probably don’t miss

Do you remember the days when your business relied entirely on spreadsheets and paper-based reports?


I’ll always have a place in my heart for spreadsheets, but there comes a time when they just can’t get the job done. For the managers of many growing businesses, that time is long past.

If you’re already using cloud software, then you know just how productive and efficient you can become through the power of the cloud.

The question is: do you remember what it was like to use a spreadsheet and paper-based reports to manage your customer and financial information?

Here are 12 things you probably don’t miss.

1. Out of date customer and financial information. Have you ever worked on a spreadsheet only to find out that it’s an older version? Keeping customer information in the cloud means it’s always up-to-date.

2. Worrying about backups: The only thing worse than an out-of-date spreadsheet is a deleted one. When your data is the cloud, it’s always backed-up.

3. Wasting time on upgrades and patches: As an accountant, there’s nothing worse than wasting time dealing with upgrades and patches. Thankfully, all of this happens automatically in the cloud.

4. Getting work done on the road: Opening a financial spreadsheet on a mobile device is a frustrating experience, unless pinching and zooming is your thing. Thankfully, if it’s in the cloud, it looks great, every time.

5. Broken rules and formulas: Spreadsheets are only as smart as the person creating the formulas behind them, but when your team uses a cloud software, these formulas are already proven and tested.

6. Reporting in real-time: Spreadsheet-based reports are a useful tool for accountants, but they’re not as useful as real-time reports that you can create at a click of a button.

7. Getting locked out of your data: Only one person can log in to a spreadsheet and make changes at a time. When your financial information is in the cloud, any of your team can login and get to work.

8. Making decisions under a deadline: Because you have access to the latest customer and financial information, you don’t have to wait for an email containing the latest figures. Instead, you can make decisions and accelerate the growth of your company right now today.

9. A key team member going on holidays: When an important member of your talented accounting team goes home or (worse) on holidays, can you still access their information? If your customer and financial information is in the cloud, you can.

10. Nasty surprises: Spreadsheets are a useful analysis tool, but your team still needs to interpret them, and you need to sense-check their analysis. When your financial information is managed in the cloud, you can see what’s happening in real-time for yourself.

11. Connecting different parts of your business: Before the cloud, business owners and managers had to spend time making sure sales was talking to accounts. Now, all of your departments can work together using a single tool.

12. Personalisation: Spreadsheets do many things well, but they’re a distinctly formal affair. With cloud software like Sage Live, your team members can decide which apps they want to use and which ones they want to hide.

Have you got started with Sage Live yet? Is there anything you don’t miss about spreadsheets (or have you yet to move to the cloud)?

Share your answers in the comments section below.