Sage Launches Zagg Into New Markets

 As published in the Sunday Business Post on 25th March 2012.

When Zagg looked to expand its successful US business into Europe, it needed to hit the ground running with business management software that could match an ambitious growth strategy

A US firm that makes shields and ‘skins’ for portable electronic devices, Zagg was serving a niche market that moved into the mainstream with the explosion in popularity of tablets and smartphones. Having set up its European operations in Shannon, Zagg worked close with DB Computer Solutions, a Gold Sage Business Partner in Ireland, which deployed Sage 50 with a plan to migrate to Sage 200 as the business took off. The upgrade came sooner rather than later.

‘‘We are looking at a huge market for mobile protection in Europe that’s just going to get bigger and bigger,’’ said AlanMorris, general manager of Zagg. ‘‘We took on Sage 200 earlier than we needed it to avoid a complex transfer of data later on and to be ready to scale quickly.’’ Zagg also needed the currency-reporting feature to better integrate with the business back home, as well as a solution
that could handle the different sales streams, internet transactions from its European website as well as the distributor channel.

Sage 200 was able to seamlessly link them together and report on both. Sage CRM was the tool of choice for a business predicated on achieving volume sales quickly. Though part of the Sage 200 suite, it’s built to keep the complexity of the ERP system away from the sales force. They access it remotely using iPads that enhance its user-friendly graphics. At the same time, Sage 200 exceeded the reporting requirements of the parent company, ticking all the boxes around currency and compliance.

Just as important, the expanding European footprint is being run in real time with the visibility a firm needs when its model is based on high volume transactions and a large inventory. On the road but with instant access to information, the sales team use Sage CRM to keep up to date with pricing and discounts, making sure the right margins are always maintained. They can see dispatch information, drill down into a customer’s history and put an order through fromanywhere.

At the same time, they are paving the way for the next phase of implementation, when customers will be able to log in to the system to see the real-time status of their orders for themselves. Eventually,the data from the system will be collated and turned into collateral for strategic campaigns, taking the local marketing function away from the US headquarters.

Back in the United States, Zagg has outgrown a proprietary financial solution and is considering moving its entire business over to Sage 200. ‘‘The plan fromthe start was to launch into Ireland with a fully-fledged ERP system that could be replicated back to the US, giving the company a much more streamlined and efficient business management system,’’ said Morris. ‘‘The whole venture in Ireland has been a tremendous success.’’

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