Sage People – Lorna Keogh – Senior Digital & Marketing Operations Specialist

Lorna Keogh tells us about her role as Senior Digital & Marketing Operations Specialist.

Lorna KeoghWhat is Your Job Title?

Senior Digital & Marketing Operations Specialist.

When did you start this role in Sage?

I started working in Sage in 2002. I started working on the Business Advice team in 2005 and worked up to manager. Over the past year I also took on managing the operational side of our web store and our Sage One product suite.

Why did you decide to work at Sage Ireland?

When I finished college I was looking for work and a friend who owned a recruitment company recommended that I contact Sage as they were often taking on staff. I recognised the company name as we had studied Sage at college so I rang up to enquiry about any vacancies. I was lucky and they were recruiting for a support agent.

What was it about the job that attracted you to it?

When I applied for Business Advice I was working in sales. I decided to apply for Business Advice as it would allow me to spend more time speaking with and finding solutions for customer and improving my product knowledge. When the role of manager came up within the Business Advice I knew I wanted to apply as I enjoy working with others and was keen to take on more responsibility and work with other areas of the business. Over the past two years I became more involved in the digital and marketing side of the business particularly with our Sage One suite of products which was a new and innovative venture for Sage. This led to me taking on the management of some of these operational areas.

Can you give us a summary of what your daily activities are in the role?

My role revolves mainly around supporting my team and working within the wider digital and marketing team. I manage the business advice team and our digital and sales advisors. The Business Advice Team handle all inbound new enquiries into Sage by phone and by email and they help businesses to find a solution that best suits their needs from the Sage portfolio of products and services. We offer a range of free trials of Sage products and the team also follow up on these to ensure businesses get the best from their trial and know that we are here to help if they need us. The team are experts in Sage products and perform live online webinars of Sage products which allow prospects to have a look at how the product can work for them and benefit their business before they purchase.

Our digital and sales advisors look after all of our web sales and also communicate with customers via web chat on our Sage website.

Sage has a great presence at local and national business events and I will often travel to these with colleagues to speak to customers and prospects about our products and services.

Has it lived up to your expectations and what do you enjoy most about your job?

Yes definitely. I love getting the opportunity to speak to start-up businesses particularly at events. There is so much innovation at the moment and I have been amazed at the creativity and passion shown by some of the entrepreneurs, start-ups and small businesses that I have met.  

Being one of the first point of contacts into Sage also means that my team and I need to be up to speed with changes in the market place. I find that changes such as the progression into the digital and social media space are really interesting areas to be involved in.

What are some of the challenges that you have to overcome?

My job requires me to support a small team of people who have a large workload and need to maintain a lot of knowledge so it can be a challenge to keep everyone up to speed on new products, new legislation and focussed on the most important tasks.

What is the most rewarding thing about your job?

Seeing someone I manage succeed is hugely rewarding for me. I think that if you try to always see the best in people and learn more about them you will gain an understanding of their strengths and what motivates them. By working to someone’s strengths and working with them you can help them not just to succeed in their current role but to progress in their own career. I am always proud to see my team operating as experts in our products, assisting colleagues and customers and helping to drive Sage forward.

How is Sage different to other companies you have worked for?

When I first started in Sage I worked in our former in house despatch office for a few weeks before starting a role in technical support. On Christmas Eve the MD Liam Mullaney came down to personally wish everyone a Merry Christmas. Having worked previously in a corporate global company with a very tiered hierarchy I was really surprised by this but it sums up what really is best about Sage – you work with some really great people and everyone is valued.

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