Sage One Accountant’s Edition – Making The Most Of Accounting In The Cloud

By Simon Bell, Product Manager at Sage

Sage One Accountants EditionWe live in a highly entrepreneurial society, every day across Ireland we see more and more start-up businesses emerge and take their first steps. It is these micro-businesses that provide a platform for addressing particular market niches and investigating and addressing emerging trends in each market space.  At Sage we have recognised that these micro-businesses are hugely important to the economy as a whole. However, an entrepreneur may not have the expertise in the area of managing the financial and tax requirements of their business, or have the time to learn without their day to day business suffering.

Our message to these start-ups and micro-businesses has been to focus on what you are good at, and where your skills are. Sage will manage the complexity of the financial management of the business and make it simple for you to do this and it was with this goal that we brought Sage One Accounts and Sage One Cashbook to the market in 2011. Sage One was an initiative to provide a simple interface, written in plain English and accessible anytime and anywhere so start-ups and microbusinesses could begin managing their finances (without the shoebox!).

At the same time, Sage has recognised that no business is going to be in a position to grow effectively without those key external supports, not least their accountant! It was with this in mind that Sage launched Sage One Accountants Edition in parallel to Sage One Cashbook and Sage One Accounts. Sage One Accountants Edition allows Accountants the ability to assist their clients using Sage One at any time and also gives that peace of mind to the end user that even if they do get things badly wrong, their accountant can simply login to their Sage One Accounts /or Sage One Cashbook from their Sage One Accountants Edition and put things right.

Today we are delighted to announce the release of Sage One version 2.6 to the market. This release is our sixth of the year to date for Sage One and we think demonstrates our commitment to putting the needs of the customer first. In this release of Sage One, we have taken onboard the valuable feedback of our accountant customers as to what would help them to make better use of the product. The number one piece of feedback that we have had to date is that Accountants have never been able to demo the product to their clients and give them the sense of how it all works and how simple Sage One really makes it for even the most novice users to manage their business finances.

In this release Sage One Accountants Edition now features Demo Data for both Sage One Cashbook and Sage One Accounts that makes it easier than ever before to help you to demo Sage One to your clients and help them to understand just how easy Sage One is to use.

As usual with Sage One, this feature will appear automatically when you next login meaning you can get it up and running and start winning more business with it straight away! Further, to make things easier for you, we have also given you an easy to use button to login as your client directly from your Sage One Accountants Edition interface. If you don’t already have Sage One Accountants Edition setup for your practice speak to our Accountants Team today on 1890 923 208 and we can get you up and running for free in no time!