Technology trends for 2016: An expert opinion

With a new year underway, what technology trends should you be aware of that will bring value and benefit to your business over the next 12 months? We ask Managing Director of Abussi and Sage Business Expert Craig Sharp to share his predictions and recommendations for success in 2016:

1. Manage data, not technology

The phrase Information Technology is always worth remembering in that order; you must first manage the information and only then worry about technology. This was said to me 20 years ago and it’s as true today as it was back then. Don’t get hung up on the technology but instead take time to look at the information you have, the information you need and the information you want to interact with first – only then decide upon the technology best suited to make your needs a reality.

2. A Communication Revolution

Making a phone call can now be done on multiple platforms and to multiple devices. As well as calling a mobile or landline, you could chose to Skype, Facebook-call or WhatsApp your colleagues – that’s a lot of possibilities. The key is being able to communicate in a way that is flexible and low cost. So leave behind traditional phone systems with long contracts and ‘per minute’ billing for a more flexible alternative. Try VoIP, Hangouts, and Skype for Business.

3. Collaboration Tools

Regardless of what business you run, it’s likely that you’ll be working with more external suppliers and contractors than before, sharing more information and need access to data quicker than before. Creating a spreadsheet and emailing it as an attachment is becoming a thing of the past, so look to invest in collaboration tools that allow real time viewing and editing of information between team members or external parties. Office 365, Google Apps, and Sage Live can all help with increasing collaboration in your business.

4. Bring (or use) Your Own Device

If you want to be more flexible in the way you work (you really can run an entire business from a laptop), then look to maximise information available on your own personal devices. To make it happen you need to look to the cloud for storage but once you move the information it’ll be there for you ‘everywhere and anytime’.

5. Look to the Cloud

Cloud services are those IT services located away from your own premises, and the number of these services being used by SMEs increases year on year. If want to increase productivity, move services away from servers in the corner of your office and onto a stable and well maintained external platform so that you can access the information they hold anywhere and at anytime.

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Craig Sharp

Owner of Abussi Ltd

Craig is the owner of Abussi Ltd, a West Midlands based IT Managed Service Provider. He can help you and your company gain maximum benefit from any IT investment while providing a professional support service to resolve any day-to-day issues. High quality IT services are only a phone call or email away – contact him today at