Top reasons to go mobile

Mobile technology allows entire business processes to be run away from the confines of the office, improving efficiency, business intelligence and performance.

A recent study by CDW found that 94 per cent of business personnel believe mobile devices make them more efficient. A further 89 per cent said they use mobile devices for work and over two-thirds of companies said they would lose competitive ground without those devices. Integrated technology was equally desirable among corporates. A survey by Softselect found 88 per cent of CIOs admitted to preferring an integrated IT system rather than using a ‘best-of-breed’ approach, with most companies either adopting a mobile ERP approach or planning for one in the near future.

So how can mobile ERP benefit your business?

image-going-mobileSaving cost/improving efficiency

Mobile ERP gives access to information and functionality on the go. Whether in a hotel, an airport or commuting to work, mobile ERP offers significant cost gains by improving efficiency. For instance, with a mobile workforce, managers are able to approve workflows on the go – something that would not be possible without mobile ERP and would have to be left until the individual is back in the office and sitting at their desk. Another example would be how a sales team equipped with mobile devices could prepare for appointments with prospective clients on the go, as well as have the ability to bring up real-time data about customers on the spot.

Better business intelligence

Business intelligence gives sales and marketing teams a competitive advantage when they’re on the go. Mobile software can make you aware of emerging developments, help streamline operations and deliver superior supply chain visibility. The ability to answer ‘what if’ questions with a click of a button is also a desirable trait for staff au fait with the challenges of running a business on the go.

Improving performance

Not only do employees gain access to vital information on the go, but they are also able to update and change data as and when it is collected. Mobile ERP software makes it easy for workers to input information accurately when they gather it in the field, rather than having to re-key the data into back end systems, which increases the likelihood of mishaps and mistakes. Real-time submission of data also ensures that the company is kept up to speed with developments, improving corporate performance elsewhere.

Seamless Implementation

Arguably one of the biggest benefits of mobile ERP is the ubiquitous nature of portable devices. Most, if not all, professionals are carrying one or multiple mobile devices with them today, and there will be no respite in the growth of portable devices in the workplace. ICD projects that worldwide shipments of tablets will reach 282.7 million units by 2016, up from 122.3 million last year. Transferring capability onto these mobile devices will be seamless and effective because the infrastructure is already in place.

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