Transitioning to the cloud

Whilst using the cloud now mainstream enough to be standard practice for many businesses, not all buisinesses have made the transition or are even sure of the costs and benefits of transitioning to the cloud. Craig Sharp, managing of experienced IT service provider Abussi and Sage Business Expert, runs over the basics of what businesses need to know about using the cloud.

 In his video blog, Craig looks at such issues such as:

  • How IT has changed from hardware to cloud
  • The advantages of cloud for business
  • Benefits for very small and very large companies
  • The benefits and possible costs for mid-size companies
  • The key advantages for businesses in moving to the cloud
  • Security concerns regarding cloud
  • Key emerging technologies business might want to embrace

Craig Sharp

Owner of Abussi Ltd

Craig is the owner of Abussi Ltd, a West Midlands based IT Managed Service Provider. He can help you and your company gain maximum benefit from any IT investment while providing a professional support service to resolve any day-to-day issues. High quality IT services are only a phone call or email away – contact him today at

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