Twitter Tips For Tweeting Accountants

By Sian Phillips, an Accountant that likes to write.

Sian PhillipsThese would be my tips to engage with and grow your follower count on Twitter and hopefully attract some new clients on the way. An accountant attracting someone – who’d have thought!

  • Give yourself a more interesting bio. I know it’s not much room but allude to the fact you have interests other than Accountancy.
  • Don’t tweet technical or accounting stuff all the time – make yourself understandable to the average person or they will quickly switch off and unfollow.
  • Nice tweets like Tax Savings are far more likely to get retweeted than doom and gloom. I know there isn’t much that is nice to tweet about in Finance these days but if there is, tweet it.
  • If you write a blog then link to it and tweet about it but again make it more accessible to everyone to read easily. Don’t write it like you are speaking to another accountant who understands what you are saying – unless that is who you intend your audience to be of course.
  • As advised to all business tweeters, never do a hard sell or constant tweets selling your services – people really will unfollow.
  • Maybe run a special offer now and then depending on your speciality. For example “12 months payroll for the price of 11 if you quote Twitter Offer” and link to your website for people to contact you or if you don’t have a website ask them to tweet you back to get in contact. But you really should have a website in this day and age.

  • Make yourself stand out from the stereotypical accountant so people remember you – @BallymountAccs often tells Accountant jokes. Groanable sometimes yes (and I can say that because I know him) but makes people remember him.
  • Give tips and advice but don’t let that be all you tweet.
  • Maybe offer a weekly advice clinic at a regular time. Create a short hashtag so that every time people are joining in the advice clinic that hashtag will be used. Therefore making other tweeters curious to what it’s all about and possibly joining in too. Give people the option to DM you their questions but remember unless you are following each other you can’t DM back and forth so suggest they tweet you first to get the follow.
  • Become the “go to guy” (or girl) who will happily answer questions. This could grow and lead to business and/or recommendations.
  • Run a Twitter app like Tweetdeck in the background so if you are tweeted directly or your hashtag mentioned you will get a pop up so you know to answer as soon as you can.
  • Don’t relegate Twitter to a specified time each day or you’ll miss people. Pop in and out if you can – it’s on mobiles so handy to check when waiting for a client to arrive or on your work commute – not advisable when driving though! It doesn’t need to take over your work time but sometimes it’s good to have time out of the books and give yourself 5 minutes to just say anything on Twitter or “chat”.

From the above tips you should start to see your following grow and therefore your potential client base. The more people see you are friendly, approachable and have the knowledge of an accountant so can answer their questions, the more you will be liked and recommended.  If you have any other useful tips please let us know in the comments below.

If you want to read about how other accountants are using Twitter, see this Accountants That Tweet post on the Sage blog.

About The Author – Sian Phillips

Sian Phillips is an accountant that likes to write.  Sian is a qualified Accountant with an Honours Diploma in Journalism too. Sian’s provides help to small businesses – accounts, social media, content writing. She writes blogs & interviews for and is also a Moderator on Her website is and you can follow her on Twitter @_sians

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  • BookMarkLee

    Great advice Sian. It’s rare I find myself agreeing with the majority of an article that purports to offer tips for accountants on how to use twitter. Having written a number of such pieces myself it’s great to see someone else sharing tips without the hype. Well done. 

    The one tip I would add here if I may is to use the tweet/twitter search facility to ensure you are following and engaging with LOCAL people. Very few people outside of your locality will ever engage an accountant to prepare their accounts or tax returns no mater you engage with them.

    • Thank you 🙂 There is a second part to this post too (hopefully published next week) where I mention how many accountants are working remotely nowadays – I have for a few years. So sometimes  being local isn’t that important if you are recommended and liked. Although I agree a lot more of the old school would prefer to have someone on their doorstep. Thanks for the lovely comment 

      • BookMarkLee

        I look forward to part two and agree that “sometimes, being local isn’t that important if you are recommended and liked”.  BUT when strangers are looking for a new accountant they will rarely look for or even consider someone who isn’t local. It’s irrelevant that the accountant may be willing and able to service clients around the UK. Hence my earlier comment and general advice that accountants focus on trying to engage local people on twitter rather than just anyone.

        • I agree that strangers won’t look for someone that isn’t local. That’s why on Social Media you try to not make yourself a stranger no matter where you are, hence my Twitter tips. I’ve certainly picked up business that isn’t local to me because people like me on Social Media and don’t feel like I’m a stranger to them. But of course look for local business first if you can but if living in a small community sometimes you have to look further afield and I believe Social Media will help with that

  • A great resource Sian. I’ve constantly told accountants and payroll clients that they should get on board but none have taken the plunge yet. I’m going to refer them to this article. 

    I think accountants tweeting offer such value and content so glad to see you encouraging more to jump on board.

    Take care,

    • Thanks Denise. I’m glad you liked it and can use it for something too. There is another post coming soon

  • Thanks for the inclusion Sian – not too sure if it’s the most professional way to be remembered?? – but what da heck it’s a bit of fun!! 

  • Eleanor Roche

    Great article Sian!  Some really helpful tips, thanks!
    Eleanor Roche @apbsteam:twitter 

  • Thanks Sian for a really helpful post. I really like your idea of a weekly clinic. I know from running our monthly Q & A on Facebook that this can be a really useful way of engaging an audience.