Unclouding The Issue

By Ian Bergin, Cloud Evangelist at CloudedIssues.com

Unclouding The Issue at Sage IrelandFor many starting a new business venture is daunting. You build your start-up’s infrastructure piece by piece as you need it. Obstacles such as capital investment sometimes are a necessary evil. When it has come to ICT systems as are required, the capital investment in them is painful when you’re operating on a shoe-string.

Right now, times are challenging. Sure, it’s times like these they say that “it’s never cheaper to start a business.” Yeah, tell that to the bank statements you’re keeping an eye on vigilantly while you’re learning to walk, and where everything seems to be ‘outgoing’ with nothing incoming.

You’ve heard the countless ads on radio about “cloud computing” saving you money. You’re sceptical because you know that what sounds too good to be true, most often than not usually is. Also, you’re not a ‘techie person’. You don’t have time to be trying to get to grips with processors, RAM, CPU cycles, storage systems. Nor are you abound with resources to take on someone who is. You just want something ‘that works’.

Cloud Computing solutions can often be the solution to those problems, especially when issues such as set-up, capital investment & on-going maintenance of more traditional solutions just really put a pinch on your desire to try be as nimble as possible as you get up and running.

Cloud Computing can give start-ups a real leg up to get going quickly & inexpensively. But it doesn’t just extend to start-ups. Established businesses who are seeking to ‘get lean’, remove infrastructural complexities that have arisen as a result of uncontrolled bloat due to their own growth can benefit. Aged systems that would require massive capital investment are ideal to move into the Cloud space, & provide a perfect time to re-examine how you use things, why they are used & establish some best practices for regular reviews going forward.

For some businesses, it may even be a first time to even require some of the solutions that Cloud Computing can offer. And for them, while there is not the familiarity of needs to get over, there can be the daunting nature of the newness of it all. You understand the needs you have without the intricacies, and really just do not have time to engage them. You now have a round hole in your business, you need a round peg to fill it, and you don’t have time for a ‘How it’s made’ episode.

Whether you’re a new business, a business upgrading your technology, or someone who’s discovered that there is a need for Cloud Computing, it can offer very real benefits at a very real digestible cost entry point. Many businesses can even avail of free trials from alot of Cloud solution providers, which really will let you experience the ‘try before you buy’ idea, something which ICT services generally have not made available due to cost implications for the service providers.

Ireland is a leader in Cloud Computing solutions, with Irish owned & run Cloud service providers leading the way. The growth in this area is also being driven by Irish businesses being more embracing to new ideas, new technologies & newer, better, more efficient, cost effective solutions like those the Cloud can offer.

About The Author
Ian BerginIan Bergin has been part of Irish Cloud Computing for four years. He has managed Cloud Computing accounts for some of Ireland’s leading Internet businesses, International bluechip organisations and Irish Government/Semi State organisations. He has recently become an expert partner for Europe’s biggest Cloud Computing event, Cloud Expo Europe at the Olympia National Hall on Wed January 25th 2012. Ian currently advises Irish SME’s on cloud computing, managed services and implementing open source solutions within their business, as well as start-up web-based businesses. He has worked for global organisations such as AOL Europe, SunGard Availability Services, Google, & Total. He currently writes articles for BusinessCloudNews.com and Irish Cloud Computing provider, WebCore as a guest blogger, as well as writing articles from his own blog, CloudedIssues.com. CloudedIssues.com was shortlisted for an eircom spiders 2011 award – the only cloud computing blog nominated, & the only cloud computing related nominee. Ian can be found on Twitter @TheIanFella and also on Linkedin.
  • Hi Ian,

    It is great to have your insights shared on the our blog. You have a really good understanding of what it’s like to be starting out in business and needing to get the software or ICT you need quickly and cost effectively. I think that the cloud provides a genuine solution for SMEs in this respect.